Visual aids

Here are some pictures I took so far. These are not intended as art, so they have not been edited for contrast, color, brightness, etc. 

This is a giant toy store in Moscow. It's really like a giant shopping mall just for toy stores, but it was a really impressive building. My friend Ksyusha took me there when I was in Moscow for orientation because they have an observation deck where you get a good view of the city. 

This is a panorama I took from the top of the aforementioned toy store in Moscow. 

This is me in the Alexandrovsky Gardens in Moscow. 

View from a bridge in Moscow. I don't know what the bridge is named, but it's the bridge that connects the Church of Christ the Savior (of Pussy Riot infamy) with this island upon which an old chocolate factory has been converted to a hipster art/commerce space. 

The beautiful pond in Catherine Park in Pushkin. 

More of the pond at Catherine Park. 

Serenity and symmetry in Catherine Park. 

Kingisepp's historic church. 

The Luga River in Kingisepp. 

The woods behind Oksana's father's house in Kingisepp. 

Panorama of the train tracks crossing the Luga River in Kingisepp. 

The Luga River in Kingisepp.