This is just a quick post to talk a little about Halloween. It's not nearly as big a holiday in Russia as it is in the U.S., because the Church is officially opposed to it. As one of my fellow professors put it to me, Halloween is "a celebration of evil spirits". That said, I still used this week to do a few lessons on how Halloween is celebrated in the U.S. I brought in candy for my English Speaking Club, and had a lot of my students watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". I got a lot of questions about whether trick or treating is real. 

Tonight, my big Halloween plans are to go see a Jamie xx concert. Hey, I love Halloween as much as the next person (actually, more than the next person, because I love dressing up), but I have my priorities. 

Probably the best and most Halloween-y thing I did this week was carving Jack-O-Lanterns with the French discussion club I've been going to at an anti-cafe in St. Petersburg. The cafe is having a big, all-night Halloween fest, and had their various clubs (there are quite a few - there's a drawing group, a spanish club, an english club, a music club, all run from the same anti-cafe) do decorative activities in preparation for the Halloween festivities tonight. I haven't carved a Jack-O-Lantern since I was fairly young, and when I say "I carved" I mean "my mother carved and I watched". It was very nostalgic and very fun and a major highlight of my week. I'm including some bad pictures I took of our carving. Apparently there are much better pictures floating around VKontakte that the anticafe put up as publicity shots - I know this because one of my students actually said she saw a picture of me making these jack o lanterns!